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Svešvalodu skolotāju profesionālā pilnveide
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The world is increasingly strengthening the trend of globalization, driven by the exchange of information and mobility. Society as a whole needs to change - from the public, which was trained, to become a society that learns. To be able to teach efficiently and adjust to the rapid rate of change of students’ learning needs in the world with a rapid economic and technological development, teachers themselves have to participate in lifelong learning, which is a means to improve or update their knowledge and skills. Improving language competence is a tool of sharing information and knowledge, and a tool in the communication process on a global scale. Nowadays, the English language competence is important. The knowledge of foreign languages and skills is wealth that enables a person to use the many opportunities, and high-quality education is one of the key factors of competitiveness. Understanding another language, you can become better acquainted with the people and their culture. Language learning promotes mutual understanding between European citizens and intercultural networking. Valmiera State Gymnasium is a school which uses many innovative forms and methods in their students training. Due to the restructuring of the school network, the rapid decline of the number of pupils and the development of gymnasiums as regional centres, there is a need to improve the 21st century skills in accordance with Valmiera State Gymnasium development plan. It would give a chance to Valmiera State Gymnasium become a modern concept school and provide a great opportunity to educate students according to modern requirements not only in Valmiera, but also in Vidzeme region. The school is also a teacher training centre and regional methodological centre. The school is one of 26 state gymnasiums, which provides further education to help students prepare for studies in higher education establishments. Gymnasium offers a range of educational programmes, including the humanities and social direction of general secondary education programme with an in-depth study of foreign languages. The project is aimed at English teachers to enhance their professional skills in order to promote the quality of teaching process and develop international cooperation with Valmiera State Gymnasium. The professional staff will be able to play an active role in the planned language centre and promote greater student interest in the English language. Teachers with modern innovative techniques will enhance motivation for language learning, thereby strengthening competitiveness of students for further education and in the labor market, which in turn will have a positive impact on Valmiera State Gymnasium providing competitive education. The project consists of three parts: the pre-activity stage or preparation for courses, participation in project activities and the closing stage - evaluation and post-course dissemination. All three courses are chosen according to the teaching context of the participants and support key outcomes required under the Europe 2020 Strategy in various formats. There are three members participating in this project. They are all English teachers working at primary and secondary level. Each of them works in a specific area. Jaroslava Sirmais- Hreškova leads Theatre Sports classes at school. Agita Āboltiņa works in the field of using IT in foreign language teaching. She coordinates eTwinning projects at school and works as an eTwinning ambassador in Latvia. Liana Viduce is responsible for coordinating IELTS exams at our school. Teachers participate in the project in order to improve and diversify methods in teaching English as a foreign language. They will develop linguistic skills and pedagogical competencies. All are running eTwinning projects and it is essential to build international contacts. Focusing on the outcomes of the project, the participants will have improved their professional skills and language competence. They will be more motivated and willing to integrate the acquired knowledge, good practice and innovative methods into their daily school work, will have enhanced students’ motivation to acquire the English language, will have improved competencies and skills to use key ICT. They will share and disseminate innovative practice with English teacher methodology groups and other related teacher target groups locally and regionally and will offer the possibility to improve English language skills to other colleagues, they will also enhance international cooperation and development in education by using eTwinning platform. The end of the project will be marked by assessing how successful the implementation of the acquired knowledge has been. The participants will justify the necessity to carry out such projects in the future, to motivate and encourage other colleagues to engage in individual mobility courses.
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