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Sustaining Small Expanding Towns (SusSET)
Start date: Feb 28, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SusSET aims to create a framework or model which will better support small traditional, yet expanding towns in order to make them more competitive in the EU, and more generally to strengthen economic and social cohesion across Europe. The operation intends to develop a mechanism to help regions and municipalities share experience of policies, instruments and EU funding activities in order to increase the effectiveness of small town development. Achievements: Achievements so far The aim of SusSET is to determine if it is possible to develop plans & actions to help foster 'coping strategies' for small traditional yet expanding towns. The project successfully kicked off in late April 2005 with the full participation of all partners involving 12 towns from 4 nations (Scotland, Sweden, Poland & Greece). The grouping expanded to include networking with other related INTERREG projects (e.g. RevitHar, SustAccess, CHANGELAB & NEWTASC) and/or EU organisations such as the European New Towns Platform (ENTP) and the European Council for Villages & Small Towns (ECOVAST). After identifying more than a dozen important aspects of town strategy, the SusSET project has investigated policies and instruments in 5 specific areas where there is common interest amongst the participant towns, i.e. 'whole town strategy'; 'tourism/marketing and promotion'; 'community dialogue and youth'; 'partnership & town management'; 'planning and conservation and heritage'. The project is into its final semester and four successful major conferences - one in each nation - have taken place. The project has been achieving its key outcomes that include raising the profile and agenda for small towns across Europe. In the period July - Dec 2007, the project has been focused upon drawing together many of the interim findings, collating and, where possible, transferring good practice and testing the effects of shared knowledge and information. In Sept 2007, the Project Steering Group met in Scotland to review progress and agree targets for completing the project. The primary output of the SusSet project is a 'Small Towns Strategy' toolkit and a first version was presented at the project's Final Conference in Scotland at the end of September. The project ended successfully in December and actions were taken to produce the toolkit in web and CD format (the latter including an easy-read companion booklet). The SusSET partners are keen to find an inheritance solution to keeping the toolkit up-to-date.
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