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Sustaining Development in Early School Education
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Today’s societies try to overcome the changing world’s increasing negative effects especially on environmental issues and there is an apparent need to generate solutions to this problematic through creating awareness on environment and social aspects of sustainable development via educating children from the early ages through the use of environment to create awareness on student about ecological balance. The learners need for active learning philosophy by using environment as an educational platform to maximize their benefits, increase their discovery skills and prompt their uniqueness. This Project focuses on the students from the age 5 to 12 to enhance their acquisition on key competences relavent to sustainable development since the poor results in the 2006 PISA survey support the acquisition of key competencies at an early age. So teachers need to be well-equipped in specific areas such as; methodological instrumentarium, resources and training that aim the development of better communication competencies, science and digital competences, learning to learn, civic and responsible entrepreneurship abilities in pupils. SUSTAIN will gather and share good practices from partner countries in two year programme to encourage best results, innovative products through compiling and testing the good practices stored in the project database, up-to date teaching tools& e-platform, materials, peer coaching sessions and face to face International Teacher Training Course that will be arranged in a forest area in Istanbul to enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training in the partner countries. Following the approbation of project booklet,e-platform and ITTC as outputs by teachers, policy makers and the broad public, the teacher training courses programme will be registered to the Comenius Catalogue and the Sustain Biennials will pave the way to cascade the results to the target groups who further act as disseminators of sustain the impact of it for years.

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