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Sustainable You(th)
Start date: Apr 6, 2015, End date: Jan 5, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sustainable You(th) was a youth exchange implemented by the Oamenii Deltei Organisation from Tulcea, Romania. The youth exchange included five partner countries: Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia and Romania. The project was born from the idea that ecology and eco education mean more than just gathering the rubbish. As well, one of the main issues that stood at the basis of the project idea is the current situation of Delta Danube – a natural paradise endangered at the moment by several human factors. We believe that the best promoters and environment activists are young people. This is why the youth exchange had the main aim to involve young people in sustainable behaviours and make them aware of the importance of the environment. The general objective of the project was to increase awareness of the importance of environment protection and offer practical tools and methods that can be used in daily life by our participants in order to have an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle. The specific objectives that the project addressed trough the activities were: 1. To enable participants with knowledge, competences and tools useful in order to live a sustainable life style 2. To make participants aware of the importance of living an active life and eating healthy 3. To offer participants information regarding protection of the environment and methods trough which they and the community they live in can become eco-friendly 4. Organizing a “You can be Eco” exposition in order to share with the local community the methods discovered that can be useful for the environment protection and sustainable life style The project included 20 young people and 5 leaders from the 5 partner countries. The mobility took place between 31 of August and 8 September in Tulcea, Romania. The project had as participants young people aged from 16 years to 30. The activities included a variety of nonformal education methods. During the exchange days, participants had the chance to discuss different eco strategies applicable at home, at school and in community. They also enjoyed sport sessions and debates on different topics connected with healthy alimentation. Participants created objects from the used materials. All these objects were exposed in an exhibition. The exhibition took place in Tulcea, at the city Theatre Jean Bart. The exhibition gathered more than 160 visitors. One of the main successes was that the visitors were not just looking passive at the objects and short clips. They interacted with the participants and they discovered more about our project. The project had an impact on our participants by motivating them to become more active, have a healthy life and a healthy alimentation. Some of the participants changed their eating style only after a few days of project as a result of discussion with the ones who were having a more sustainable diet. After the project our participants bonded strong friendships and some of them even organised more meetings. Our participants transformed into promoters of eco-sustainable habits.

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