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Sustainable Uplifting Client Centred Employment Support (SUCCES)
Start date: Jan 31, 2010, End date: Jun 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The common approach for SUCCES is to develop an innovative crossborder programme of effective employment support and skills development for unemployed people. The project will respond to the needs of clients with multiple barriers to employment by providing one-to-one support in the heart of the communities. Partners wish to provide a tailored, quality and accessible service that meets and addresses the needs of clients in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, to diminish unemployment which has increased significantly and occasionally doubled over the past few years in all project partner areas. SUCCES will address the issues of mobility of harder to reach clients, and will then offer clients help in overcoming the barriers into employment and engage in personal development programmes, to mitigate difficult personal circumstances and to boost their self-esteem. They will also equip them with training and qualifications that are directly relevant to local employer requirements. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?Activity 1:- 3500 house contacts- 600 visits/contacts to neighbourhood centres- 500 people take part in social/sport activities- 90 workshops & taster sessions- 300 persons acess further employment advice- 70 persons start volunteering- 60 people to gain driving licence- 40 community group & information sessions- 1 mobility techniques guideActivity 2:- 350 beneficiaries to confidence building initiatives- 40 training sessions- 320 beneficiaries to 'behaviour skills at work' training- 40 training sessions on culture of work- 3 bike riding sessions in Kortrijk- 340 people access personal development programmes- 1 booklet produced- 4 sessions test cross-border techniques- One guide on methodologies- 40 apprentices and 30 beneficiaries to access mentoring- 70 beneficiaries accessing a work placement opportunity- 45 beneficiaries on volunteering opportunities- 1 training programme in child care provision- 45 beneficiaries accessing higher level education and training- 1 audit of employer skills needs- F2551 audit of 200 people on training and work placement opportunitiesAre all partners and territories benefitting from the results?The target group of the project are those unemployed or those not actively seeking work who are the hardest to reach. This includes people who are not currently benefiting from intensive employment support, people who live in a deprived neighbourhood, people who are facing one of the identified barriers to employment such as a lack of mobility or skills, people who are on low incomes and who have been unable to actively seek employment due to adverse life circumstances.The beneficiaries are residents, unemployed jobseekers, those made redundant, low incomes/low skills reducing worklessness, local authorities, specialist skills training and support service providers. Community & voluntary sector organisations and resident groups and businesses.Benefits for the territory:These include a reduction in those claiming benefits over a long-term and increased income from job creation and taxes into the economy, long term improvement in the quality of available staff personnel and beneficiaries with a desire to progress into the labour market, improved life chances of residents, improved economy and economic growth with a stronger labour market. Families and people in general, coming from the 2 Seas area will have better support with training opportunities, access to higher level jobs, more qualifications and an improved quality of life.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?The cross border migration of people has an important impact on building the economy as well as highlighting barriers that need to be addressed.As part of the 2 Seas area, our cities encounter the same problems and set up similar and opposite solutions depending on the subject.Working with SUCCES partners will enable organisations to progress, in particular, into local outreach support. Work methods and diagrams of thought are influenced by culture. Thats why it is essential to work with European partners so as to learn and adapt and adopt innovative new methodologies.SUCCES will generate significant cross border added value by developing the employability skills of those hardest to reach beneficiaries to enable a positive outcome and their greater opportunity to access the labour market.As a project team, we are working on methodologies and producing self-help guides and programme practitioner guides that are usable and transferrable in any city, anywhere.

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  • 2007 - 2013 2 SEAS (FR-UK-BE-NL)
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