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The objective: Now that the Sysma-Parikkala-Lodeynoye Pole project has been completed, we have obtained readiness to commence the actual refurbishment of the Sysma bird waters and construction of service equipment for nature tourism. Sysma municipality will be applying for both national assistance and support partially financed by the EU for these. During the project, progress will also be made in the field of ecotourism entrepreneurship at Sysma. The Sysma summer of culture festival will be joined by a spring and summer of nature. This will enrich tourism output and stimulate business life at Sysma and increase the enjoyment of inhabitants.1) A management and utilization plan will be drawn up in co-operation with the municipality, local residents and nature preservation authorities; 2) preconditions for nature tourism in Pojat-Hame, South Karelia and in the areas of North-West Russia close to the Finnish border and 3) a functional co-operation network of nature conservation areas will be created between Sysma, Parikkala and the district of Lodeynoye Pole.

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