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Sustainable Networking through a Language Learning Community
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The SuN. Com(munity) project aims to form a methodology for Sustainable Networking for an informal language learning Community, especially for 8 non wide spread languages. In its first phase it proposes the use of innovative methods for Greek language learning, as a paradigm. The second phase includes communities of Italian, Albanian, Latvian, Russian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech and English. At first, two virtual communities will be formed: a Community of Learning, addressed to learners of Greek as a foreign language (GFL) and to native Greek speakers who learn a foreign language and a Community of Practice, addressed to teachers of GFL. The project aims at uniting these two groups into an integrated community, which will be the core of an extended and sustainable learning network. In a second phase the Model will be adapted into 7 less used languages and English. The project will use existent e-learning tools in conjunction with social, participatory technologies (web 2.0) and face to face courses to form a blended learning strategy. Methods used include Peer and Tandem Learning (involving native speakers too). Outputs: a Model for online language learning in an informal learning Community, a core Community of Practice for teachers, a core Community of Learning, an e-learning platform with social media applications (Skype, facebook, blogs, wikis, ning, etc.), language learning materials, a Validation Guide for language skills acquired through informal and non formal learning and an administrator, tutor and learner Guide. The impact throughout the project life span will affect the practices of 180 language teachers and 360 learners of 8 non wide-spread target languages, who learn a target foreign language, based on Peer and Tandem Informal Teaching Methods and on Blended Learning. As English speakers teach their mother tongue , they learn a language and will expand the Network into many more learners in the future.

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