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Sustainable Management of residual waters in rural areas (DEPURANAT)
Start date: Dec 31, 2003, End date: Sep 29, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the rural zones with low population densities which are characteristic of the Atlantic Area, the absence of a system for treating water residues leads to the dumping of effluents in nearby natural areas, leading to diffuse pollution in these zones which are of great ecological value. In this context, DEPURANAT proposes to put together a system for the sustainable management of waste water, encouraging reutilisation of this in natural areas. The main objective of the project consists of stocking the water recovered locally, treating it in situ with small decentralized systems, and re-using the sub-products obtained. Cheap and simple to install, these decentralized systems contribute to improving the treatment of water and will encourage sustainable economic and financial development for rural areas. Achievements: ✔ 12 demonstrative projects carried out in different regions (Andalucía, North of Portugal, and the Canaries). The experimenting phase of the different pilot projects for Natural Purification Systems (NPS), their assessment and their follow-up have been one of the fundamental pillars of the DEPURANAT project. This phase has resulted in monitoring protocols, both for analysis and the supervision of operations, and also a large databank obtained thanks to the systematic application of these protocols ✔ Development of a general methodology to study the possibilities of setting up this model in rural areas of the reference regions. It has been applied on 2 islands, each with a complex physical geography ✔ Environmental integration of NPS by monitoring environmental parameters and defining strategies to prevent the environmental impact of NPS ✔ A study of how to integrate NPS by identifying resources and solutions and planning tasks to be carried out ✔ Economic analysis and environmental assessment of NPS. This analysis has led to the determination of financial indicators and the construction of empirical cost functions and a preliminary evaluation of the existing potential market for these technologies ✔ Creation of a tool based on a system to guide the technicians in charge when making decisions and help them provide an answer to the problems raised by waste in residual waters ✔ Strengthening and applying the cooperation between the various socio-economic players involved or interested in managing residual waters and local development ✔ Constitution of a network of institutions to develop strategies, promote training and dissemination of information in this field and creation of numerous dissemination tools (on paper, digital, audiovisual, posters, etc.)
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  • 2000 - 2006 Atlantic Area
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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