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Sustainable Learning in the Community - Raising awareness of older people's competencies and identifying new opportunities for learning and engagement

The aim of the proposed project is to develop methods to empower older people tobecome active citizens and at the same time raise awareness for and encourage themto develop their skills and competences through formal and in-formal learningopportunities. The SLIC-project will make a contribution to explicitly link the concepts ofparticipation, community involvement and life-long learning. The project will create andoffer older people the opportunity to reflect on how and what could be their contribution,which competences they have and which they can build on. This will give theparticipants a picture of formal and informal learning opportunities they would need fortheir desired engagement in their local communities. Activities within local communitiescan be e.g. volunteering in different fields, becoming politically active, developing ownprojects or setting up informal learning groups.The main output of the project will be: i. A two-day “competence workshop”, developedin close collaboration with the project partners, and with participants of the target group.The target group of these “competence workshops” will be older people from differentwalks of life, with a special emphasise on disadvantaged learners, who previously havehad little formal education and on disadvantaged groups, such as ethnic minorities,unemployed older people. In the “competence workshops” older people will beempowered to participate actively in their community, to participate in formal andinformal learning and thus to contribute to their self-esteem and feeling of usefulness.ii.A “personal skills profile with action plan” and a SLIC-certificate will be developed thatwill show the individual competences of the participant and which will be the output ofthe “competence workshop”. This “personal profile with action plan” will visualise theparticipants profile, qualifications and plans. This will be for individual use, but can alsobe used in contact with organisations participants’ wish to work with or in other officialcontexts. iii.A handbook on how to run such “competence workshops” and use the toolswill be developed within the project.
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