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Sustainable Hospitality
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The tourism industry is the fastest growing industry at the moment and it offers many international opportunities. In order to be successful on this labour market you have to a good knowledge of hospitality (service, reception, friendship, relations and sustainability). In this project our participants will develop competence and knowledge how to be successful and sustainable on this international arena. The project "Sustainable hospitality" is part of our global sustainable thinking which penetrates all our school acitivities and gives our participants "tools" to study, compare and analyze good hospitality, but also to develop competences to grow as an individual, as a professional and make sustainable decisions for you as a person, but also to have an impact on your surrounding. Our partners in Europe represent different geographical locations, history, politics, culture and traditions which contribute to give a broad input into the project. An important part of the project is also for our students to spread and share their compentence with the partners and contribute to a better understanding for eachother. An important part is also to strenthen the industry. During this two-year project we plan to send 52 students to 7 different partners. The project is open to all students in their last and third year of basic vocational training. In the project the participants will go for a 4-week internship to one of our partners. Goals on an individual level: - to enhance competence and knowledge about hospitality - to enhance interculutral competence and knowledge to be able to work at home with guests from abroad or to work abroad - to enhance language competence - to enhance the personal development - to give equal opportunitities to all students to apply for an international internship - to contribute to the greater assignment for peace in the work by enhancing the competence of how to meet another person - to enhance the students competetiveness on the labour market Goals for the school: - to enhance the work with sustainable hospitality, a core value for the school - to be able to continue the international profile of the school, which has given many students a fantastic experience and development. - to continue to promote the language profile that the school has - to work with the needs of the industry as basis in order to form the correct profile of our students that leave our school - to be able to offer all students a possibiity to apply for an international internship. - to contribute to the peace mission in the world - to give our students the best platform for the future development of their professional roles and as individuals. Before departure every particiant will be prepared interculturally, linguistically and professionally but also in the global and sustainable thinking. Before each internship this training will be more focused, involve many courses and involve all students (also if you are going to a Swedish internship). Each participant will have questions reagarding global thinking, sustainability and hospitality to investigate during the internship. After the internship discussions with all students will give input from many different work places, both international and national. Each student writes a report with his or her own experiences. With this project, which is part of our international strategy we want to take our international work to a higher level and involve everyone at the school, both students and staff. We also want to enhance the work with global thinking, sustainabilty and international collaboration. The long-term benefits that we see are a very important work in the encounter with new persons and new cultures which will have a positive effect which our students go abroad but also, and very important impact on the meetings here in Sweden. We see how we contribute to a greater understanding and more self confidence to take this step to a new meeting.

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