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Sustainable European Citizenship - together we can do more!

Sustainable European Citizenship (SEC) is a partnership of four secondary schools in Germany, Finland, France and Spain, focusing on ecological changes, the principal factors contributing to it, its effects and the young people’s ideas on the means on alleviating the present and future consequences.After a calculation of the four schools’ ecological footprint, making the students aware of their impact on nature, each school will focus on the most crucial local issues: Spain on water availability, Germany on Air pollution, recycling and sustainable use of energy, France on the protection of sea sites and Finland on sustainable forestry. All findings are to be published and exchanged on a common website. Eventually, a guide to “Sustainable European Citizenship” and a glossary will be published and exchanged in the four languages involved and printed on recycled paper.The work at schools will be done according to the respective curricula. All schools will share the procedures and results. The local communities are both bases for the practical work and actors for disseminating the ideas resulting from the programme.Sustainable European Citizenship comprises year-round work at schools, regular online contacts using the shared Internet forum and four exchange visits to each school and area with pupils.

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