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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

First time in Europe there are over 25 million unemployed. That is the result of an economic crisis occured in 2008 ans since then Europe has been fighting with it. After many researches and discussions done by EU, Europe found the way out of this serious situation; Entrepreneurship. On the other hand, about 50% of new businesses fail during their first 5 years. Increasing in shutdown businesses and norrowing entrepreneurship culture indicates that entrepreneurship tainings and supports are not efficient. Because the entrepreneurship training programmes are following classical methods which are not innovative at all. As a result of this the entrepreneurs are not qualified to survive in this economic situation. Our project (SEQUEL) will produce a module called "IT based practical and innovative entrepreneurship module". Classical entrepreneurship module does not meet the needs of innovative and technology-oriented world and our project aims to develop practical, innovative and IT based module. Project SEQUEL will create awareness on entrepreneurs about the importance of being innovative, creative and better use of IT to survive in this tough economic world and entrepreneurs will gain survival skills with our module. One of the most important benefit of IT based practical and innovative entrepreneurship module is that entrepreneurs will have the ability to foreseen potatial risks with the help of our developed inventory. SEQUEL also aims to create awareness on youth people and youth entrepreneurs about how they can affect on decision making mechanism of working life. We are 8 partners that are relevant to entrepreneurship and youth from 5 different countries. Having variable organizaitons in this partnership will enhance to promote dissemination of our module. During the project we are planning to have 6 transnational meetings that will help to produce our module step by step. We will develop an IT based questionnaire to determine the entrepreneurship potential and an inventory including the results of survey on 250 successful and 250 shutdown bussinesses durin our workshops. For first time we will entegrate the socio drama method into entrepreneurship training and we aim to improve competence on creating cross board network ability by implementation of scenario. We will organize a symposium as our last meeting and we will disseminate our module through this symposium with the participation of youth groups, university students, vocational high school students, relavent organizations, stakeholders, local and national press and some experts in entrepreneurship and strategy development. There will be more than 500 people participating this event. Our methodology will be based on research, questionnaire, inventory, socio drama and using IT. Consequently, all entrepreneurs will be more qualified and innovative by practising our developed IT based innovative training module and this module will improve qualifications of entrepreneurs and potantial entrepreneurs. Increasing the qualifications of entrepreneurs will decrease the number of unemployment as a result of this SEQUEL will promote the economic recovery by increasing the number of entrepreneurs in Europe. Created scenario will facilitate to establish international partnerships for entrepreneurs. Every single person will be able to determine themselves if they have entrepreneurship potential by using our developed IT based questionnaire. Youth people and youth entrepreneurs will be aware of how they can affect on decision making mechanism of working life.
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