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Sustainable development : focus on short food circuits
Start date: Dec 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Concordia South East wishes to install a youth exchange on eco-citizenship via responsible consumption and local distribution system. Having been engaged on the territory for a while through its different networks, the association recruted a youth civic service person specialized in environmental issues to deal efficiently with this area’s goals. The project was born through her hard work. It’s when we discussed with our different partners (CIVAM, demain la terre, Art’ Bio) we came up with the idea of a youth exchange on responsible consumption. In these times of economic crisis and rise of unemployment for Young people, there is indeed a growing part of the population trying to find alternative and low-cost consumption solutions, such as favouring local distribution systems. This thinking also leads to the awareness on the environmental impact of our production and consumption ways on a planet that won’t expand. These topics common to the european population consulted with the EU states on sustainable development. Today, european citizens feel concerned and the making of the project is by a great deal carried by the workers and the young volunteers of the association. On a global scale, this exchange will be made with three partner associations that are part of our international network ALLIANCE. Four groups of five youngsters age 18 to 30 from four different countries (Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic and France) will gather for twelve days in Bouzigue, France to think about alternative and responsible ways of consuming. The youth will actively take part to decisions and to the organisation of the events planning and daily tasks. We will promote participation and interaction. We will improve engagement and self-expression by diversifying ways of collaborative and individual work (smaller groups and teamwork for creation, independant contractors, oral expression, written expression, journalism). While sharing and confronting their knowledges, their experiences, their opinions, they will contribute to a common reflexion from which they will directly benefit. The attendees will also embrace their mutual cultural wealth. The international as a great field of learning and education is the core of Concordia’s educative project. The aim is to go further than a simple house-sharing, making easier to interact and exchange, promote synergy and create a group dynamics instead of a stack of individual projects and methods. The need is for them to make the difference between multi and intercultural. Do such as the accumulation of personal ideas makes it for a group identity. The group will also meet the local population. formal exchanges (animations, workcamps, groupwork) or informal exchanges (meals, cleaning duty, evening time) will favour debates. Not to mention the social diversity of everyone (age, social status, economical status) which will probably shake off the attendees’ beliefs, the important for them being to experiment new thoughts and to face the unknown. The youth will actively participate (conception, text and illustrations) in the making of a leaflet and an explanatory sign for people with writing and reading issues on the functioning of local distribution system . The materials will also be used by our partners from the CIVAM on their different actions. The leaflet will be laid-out and published (500 copies, the sign will remain with our local partners and stand on their field of action (markets and so on). Each attendee and Partner will be given enough copies to keep promoting the project and responsible consumption in Europe. The intercultural and european dimension will be highlighted thanks to the fruit of the efforts of the youth. Furthermore, the chosen materials will leave a long-lasting mark of the actions undertaken by the youth.
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