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Sustainable Community
Start date: Jan 1, 2013,

Olde Vechte has many years of experience with this project already, but this time around we aim to improve and optimize the project by using our past experiences and learnings This, for example, has led us to set the timeframe for the project to two months. Although its the 6th time we are organizing this project, we would like to put the focus on sustainability and an inspirational working community. The foundation's main objective is to raise awareness of the individual, encouraging his or her development and the improvement of his / her position in society. 90% of Olde Vechte foundation is being operated by volunteers, and all the activities that are happening here are also organized mostly by the volunteers. This always happens under the guidance and support of the director, Marco Vlaming.Our goal is that, during the period that volunteers are going to be working in these organizations, they are going to have a really active role in running them. With a rotating system they will have the opportunity to exchange skills and experiences. This summer it happened at three different organizations. The common goal in these cases was set by themselves: Make a contribution to their workplaces and develop skills that they could take back to their countries after the project. Initiative is a drive in our foundation and this is why we promote and support it. This time around Sustainability is a major theme for us as well, which we will try to achieve by providing volunteers with an experience that will last for a lifetime and will inspire them for many years to come. We expect that it will be a drive for them in their choices in the future. Over the period of two months volunteers will actively participate / volunteer at non-government and non-profit organizations on a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of the organizations and of course the skills, willingness and ambitions of the volunteers.During their stay at the residency, we stimulate creating their own community, in which each and everyone plays their part. We actively stimulate them to practice their leadership skills, cooking skills and managing/coordinating skills, during their stay with us and each other. We stimulate organic growth in their own community and in the Dutch community. We reward and promote initiative and ambition. One of our other goals is for volunteers to take home their experiences and to find the willingness to create these projects in their own countries, so that more people will be able to develop European citizenship and expand an overall sense of European Society, that relies on working together in a friendly and loving environment that supports personal growth.Foundation Olde Vechte will provide reinforced mentorship through the presence of 4 mentors trained by our foundation, who will coach and guide the participants throughout the whole project in order to give them the maximum learning and support.The project aims volunteers, but it also run by volunteers themselves that have often already participated in previous Group EVS projects from Olde Vechte. Five out of six volunteers from the 2012 Group EVS Project have said that they would like to return to do voluntary work and participate in long term volunteering. This shows that our projects in the past have been a great success and we can't wait to see the results of Sustainable Community in 2013.
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