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Sustainable Coastal Risk Management in 2050 (SAFECOAST)
Start date: Nov 29, 2004, End date: Jun 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Safecoasts aim was to learn from each other by discussing their different contexts and approaches to coastal flood and erosion risk management. Faced with climate change, and associated impacts on our coasts, it is important to analyse, compare and benchmark our methods and ideas, focusing on the question: How to manage our North Sea coasts in 2050?In order to answer that question, a number of separate key questions need answering and are addressed in project Safecoast as follows:• What is the present context of coastal flood and erosion risk?• How do we deal with problems now in terms of policy and management?• What risk-related trends do we foresee by analysing scenarios for the future?• What will be the trend of coastal flood and erosion risk in the future?• Are current policies and measures sustainable with respect to the future?• What could be promising adaptive strategies for the future? Achievements: The output and results have been documented in a set of separate and more detailed reports that can be found on Also the synthesis report can be found on the website, which not only presents a compilation of the main findings from the different Safecoast projects, but also reflects the views, to the degree possible, of all stakeholders present in the different workshops that were organised between 2005 and 2008. The synthesis report has been distributed in all of the 5 participating countries.Since exchanging knowledge starts with exchanging information, considerable effort has been made to make relevant information accessible. Over 355 downloadable documents and over 85 news updates from the five North Sea countries with respect to coastal flood and erosion risk management and related themes are available though the Safecoast internet site. With over 70,000 unique visitors in 3 years, the Safecoast internet site will continue to be an information exchange platform for research, policy and management, especially in view of sharing best practices as part of the implementation of the EU floods directive (2007) and EU recommendation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (2002). Also, knowledge and information gathered in the framework of Safecoast may provide valuable resources to pending European policy (e.g. related to climate change adaptation).
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