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Sustainable and Effective Entrepreneuships Development Scheme (SEEDS)
Start date: Oct 31, 2003, End date: Apr 29, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The SEEDS partnership aims to build and test a coherent framework for planning and implementing joint sustainable internationalisation strategies and actions for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in CADSES, which will enable the effective support of relevant actions. The SME internationalisation process needs to be considered as a part of the general spatial development strategies to serve the implementation of the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP). This is essential for achieving sustainable, harmonised and balanced development in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In general the project creates a basis for effective SME internationalisation, in a way that will promote balanced and harmonised spatial development mainly by networking and supporting of the SMEs. Expected Results: SEEDS achieved among others the following results: - Establishment (in 9 partner structures) of units to support sustainable entrepreneurship and internationalisation in CADSES (I.E.S.C.s), - Establishment of a virtual network of all 27 partners, - Elaboration of an Integrated Pilot Strategic Plan for sustainable SME collaboration in the target areas and implementation by rendering global support to 45 SMEs of the 3 projects' pilot sectors to conclude and start-up viable transnational business cooperation (3 clusters, 6 other partnerships). - Sensitisation, training and dissemination events, - Mobilisation of important actors for implementation, - Elaboration of 1 exploitation and follow-up scheme per participating territory, - The existing structures for supporting SME development in the EU project territories will be enriched and able to facilitate and promote SME internationalisation in CADSES, - The accession territories concerned will be granted improved structures for supporting entrepreneurships sustainable development and SME transnational cooperation, - The prospects for attracting investments and the business opportunities will be increased due to the improved structures and to the capability for rational relevant strategic planning; the business ventures established during implementation will act as examples for potential investors and entrepreneurs.

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  • 2000 - 2006 Cadses
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