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Sustainable agriculture development through capacity building and business promotion tools
Start date: Jul 14, 2011, End date: Jul 14, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project strategy is to provide concrete useful tools such as: tools targeting increased knowledge of farmers about the other country agribusiness - a report on agricultural situation, exchange visits and direct contact and business talks with farmers, information on the project web for raising the capacity of farmers - a recommendation paper on non-tradition crops/animals which can be introduced as new business, a catalogue of concrete exemplary farms, training in new business skills and EU-related knowledge concerning for the two partners to use long term raising their capacity to better service the farmers - reports, training programmes, web based business support tools, catalogue with best practices of successful farms. The partners will also acquire new knowledge about each others agribusiness and services provided which will facilitate further partnership development and joint initiative for the future will be considered. Achievements: The project aimed at one hand to increase farmers knowledge in both regions about the other country's agribusinesses, best practices, production, etc and open opportunities to created B2B links and form business partnerships and on the other to raise the capacity of the two partners- beneficiaries as business support providers. Project objectives were met by performing the following activities: 1) Preparation of a survey report on the state of agriculture in both regions; 2) Development of a joint catalogue of best practices of farmers, 3) Development of a recommendation paper on new (untraditional) crops/animals, relevant for the two regions; 4) Exchange visits of BG and TR farmers to best practice farms; 5) Training of BG and TR farmers; 6) Creation of web-based business support tools for consultancy and information of farmers to be applied by the two partners; 7) Organization of two promotional events - in Yambol and in Ipsala. As a result of the activities : 1) 150 farmers increased knowledge, skills and know-how as participants in promotional events, exchange visits and trainings; 2) Both project partners accumulated new knowledge on farmers best practices, innovation and recommended untraditional farming for both regions, which can be used in their future support work with farmers; 3) New project proposals developed by project partners for the 2nd call for proposals under the programme; 4) 1 farmer used know- how from TR Rice producers. 1 greenhouse producer will use new practise from BG tobacco producer.1 BG farmer will use seedlings from TR strawberry. 1 farmer will use know-how for growing turf from Turkish; 5) Business support tools will continue to be used by businesses; 6) 150 SME-s participated in promotional events and exchange visits; 7) 33 institutions were reached by the programme. 24 of them were agricultural cooperatives.The project has been successfully accomplished in July 2012.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Turkey IPA CBC (BG-TR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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