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Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South East Europe  (SNAP-SEE)
Start date: Sep 30, 2012, End date: Sep 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Assuring sustainable supply of aggregates resource is an important challenge due to their limited availability when aiming at sustainable regional development. Due to the regional differences and historical development, there are diverse approaches to aggregates policies, planning and management in South East Europe, which is hindering resource efficiency and economic development in the region. There are differences among mineral policies and plans at various political scales within and across the region. Aggregates policies and plans do not reside within a single document; they are distributed among many different legal documents, making coordination and a comprehensive understanding difficult. Also, there is almost complete lack of coordination on planning supply from primary and secondary aggregates. Aggregates demand should be fulfilled with a mix of primary (sand, gravel, crushed stone) and secondary aggregates (recycled construction and demolition waste, manufactured aggregates, excavated materials from civil works etc.) if the SEE region is to be an eco-efficient society that recycles. The SEE region faces a lack of data to support aggregates planning, inadequate capacity and competence for addressing primary and/or secondary aggregates planning, and the level and nature of stakeholder participation in the development of aggregates management plans needs to be enhanced. The identified problems are a lack of: - coordinated National/regional planning for aggregates' supply that addresses cross-sectoral interactions, and ensures that documents are consistent, - integrated planning for primary and secondary aggregates that addresses resource efficiency, - capacity and competence to address the preceding two problems, - stakeholder engagement and consultation process to ensure that planning addresses the concerns and needs of all target groups. In response the SNAP-SEE project objective is to facilitate improved aggregates planning by developing a Toolbox for Aggregates Planning as a support to National/regional, primary and secondary, aggregates planning in SEE countries. The Toolbox will be comprised of: - Joint SNAP-SEE Vision for a transition to integrated, comprehensive sustainable aggregates planning in SEE, i.e. a description of principles that will achieve the objectives of resource efficiency, high rates of recycling, and sustainability; - Handbook on Capacity Building and Stakeholder Consultation; - Handbook on Data and Analysis Methods; - Aggregates Planning Scheme, containing planning modules that embody the principles, approaches and action necessary to achieve the goals of the Vision. Other objectives are: to engage stakeholders in capacity building, conduct National/regional consultations, and develop a process and support materials for capacity building and stakeholder engagement in the process. The first set of main activities is creation of the Handbook on Data and Analysis Methodologies, the SNAP-SEE Vision and Aggregates Planning Scheme. The second set are: providing capacity building to partners and to target groups (public authorities, civil society, industry and experts), conducting stakeholder consultations with target groups, and creation of the Handbook on Capacity Building and Stakeholder Consultation. Therefore the main outputs are the 2 Handbooks, the SNAP-SEE Vision report and the Aggregates Planning Scheme, which are brought together in the Aggregates Planning Toolbox. Achievements: AGGREGATES PLANNING TOOLBOX The SNAP-SEE toolbox is the major acchievement of the project. The SNAP-SEE project partners have developed a Toolbox for Aggregates Planning to support national/regional, primary and secondary aggregates planning in SEE countries,which includes:• The SNAP-SEE Vision for Aggregates Planning;• Handbook on Capacity Building and Stakeholder Consultation;• Handbook on Data and Analysis Methodologies;• The Aggregates Planning Scheme.• The SNAP-SEE Aggregates Planning Toolbox is the main output ofthis project, and summarize the efforts done and project achievements within 2-year project lifetime.The Aggregates Planning Toolbox is composed of four handbooks and isDealing with themes developed by the SNAP-SEE partnership in these years.They are entitled:The SNAP- SEE Vision for Aggregates Planning;The Aggregates Planning Scheme;Handbook on Capacity Building and Stakeholder Consultation;Handbook on Data and Analysis MethodologiesMore information is available under:

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