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Sustainability as key-competence of professional cooks: status quo and qualification requirements in education and training.

The concept of sustainable development is usually defined by the formulation and aggregation of environmental, economic and social goals. In the field of nutrition, the aspect of health also has a central importance and is therefore considered a separate fourth dimension. Catering lends itself particularly well to sustainability improvements as they can be made across multiple sustainability factors throughout the food chain, from field to fork.The implementation of a "sustainable cuisine" places new challenges on cooks which are not encapsulated in most current standard professional training. Key challenges include food procurement (e.g. seasonable availability), storage, development of menus, process planning in the kitchen, calculation of quantities and prices, cooking practices and even the description of dishes on menus. The use of organic and other ‘certified’ foods also requires an understanding of and adherence to the statutory criteria of EU regulation.Results of this partnership are a European definition of sustainability and suggestions for standards in education and training in the field of gastronomy, tourism and communal catering, with the intention of making sustainability a key and publicly recognized aspect of ‘good’ cooking and catering. Another output of the project is a study on national education and training facilities and qualifications for cooks and managers in the different partner countries and branches of catering. Further outputs include a pan-European dissemination and marketing strategy, as well as an outline training and qualifications scheme for different professional areas.Target groups included teachers at tourism colleges; decision-makers in public administration; human resource managers in gastronomy and tourism enterprises; cooking personnel in schools and kindergartens; and institutions of adult education.
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