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Start date: Mar 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„SURVIVAL ADVENTURE“- it‘s a project of international youth exchange, organized in Širvintos city, Vindeikiai village. There will be 24 participants (youngsters) and 4 group leaders from Spain, Italy, Austria and Lithuania. The project is oriented to the needs of young people with fewer opportunities: youngsters with low income, refugees and immigrants, people with residence permit, youngsters from rural and/or remote areas and those with learning difficulties. In the Vindeikiai village and in it‘s surroundings there is no organization for youngster that would involve local youth in their activities and would organize space for non formal learning through experience in the group. So it‘s not possible to participate in non formal education in local level. Local youth usually doesn‘t have what to do after school and extracurricular activity (activities of sport, drawing and etc.). Those activities are organized by school. There is a lack of alternatives to interesting leisure. There are few initiatives, but usually the small group of initiators are lack of knowledge how to organize meaningful activity. Researches show that youth isn‘t initiative and it comes from their social environment.That‘s way we started to plan and create this project. It will seek to empower youth with fewer opportunities to participate actively and to use local resources in order to organize interesting and alternative leisure activities in the nature.The aim of the project: To empower youth with fewer opportunities from Italy, Spain, Austria and Lithuania to create by principle „do it yourself“: to create tolls and gain new skills, which are usefull for surviving in the nature. The goals of the project:1. To organize 9 days lasting youth exchange in Lithuania (Sirvintos city, Vindeikiai village) involving youth from Spain, Italy, Austria, Lithuania.2. To involve at least 15 youngsters with fewer opportunities from Spain, Italy, Austria, Lithuania.3. To introduce participants with the conception of „do it yourself“ , to create different tools and to teach new skills that are useful for surviving in the nature. Four sessions will be organized (two for making tools and two for learning new surviving skills).4. To organize two days long hike, in which the participants could use new knowledge and skills.5. To organize open event for local society, where participants will lead workshops about „do it yourself“: they are going to make tools needed for surviving in the nature. It will be the task also to involve local youth that wasn‘t participating in the project.6. To create the space for participants to evaluate their experience individually and in the group. It will be implemented by organizing reflection groups and applying the system of badges.The youth from Sirvintos city will be invited to the adventure in the nature, based on the concept of „do it yourself“ (by creating tools by themselves) and learn new skills that are useful for surviving in the nature. All activities in the project will be organized by principles of non formal education: there will be a safe place for participants to learn from their experience and reflect it in international group. In all phases of the project youth will be motivated to participate actively and to have an impact to the schedule of the activities.The main activities: making tools by the concept of „do it yourself“ , learning new skills for surviving in the nature and application of new knowledge and skills in two days hike. Participants will organize an event in Musninkai village for local youth, where they will be able to share what they learnt. Also to lead „do it yourself“ workshops.During the project participants will gain new knowledge and skills:Surviving in the nature skills, application of new knowledge skills, competences in working in a group, planning skills, initiative and leadership skills, learning to learn competences, foreign language skills intercultural dialogue and dissemination.This project will help for youth (especially with fewer opportunities) to raise self-confidence, to use new knowledge and skills in creating activities in their local level. The leisure of the youth will be more various and there will be more alternatives. Youth will be more satisfied with their environment. By implementing the activities youth will be evaluated and recognized by others. New skills and competences (in foreign language, group work, initiative and leadership) will help to integrate more successfully in the labour market.Project will be administrated and coordinated by the organization Social action. Other participating organizations will actively participate in group building and preparing their local youth for the project. All organizations will be responsible for the programme of the project, it‘s implementation, evaluation and dissemination.
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