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Surface Plasmon-Based Wifi for Nanoscale Optical Information Transport - SWIFT (SWIFT)
Start date: Feb 1, 2013, End date: Jan 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"This proposal focuses on the design, fabrication, characterization and optimization of novel groundbreaking communication nano-devices. SWIFT proposes resolutely innovative concepts adopting metal-based optical nano-antennas as a disruptive technological vehicle. Nanoscale electronics and photonics exploit novel fascinating physical phenomena and are among the most promising research areas for providing functional nano-components for data transfer and processing. The aim of this proposal is to interface these two device-generating technologies to create the first electrically-driven nanoscale optical antenna transceiver. The concept will enable electron/photon transduction at the nanoscale by a unique surface plasmon-assisted metal-based design, a significant leap at the forefront of research in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics. SWIFT proposes a series of fundamental advances motivated by application-driven perspectives that will push the burgeoning field of optical antenna to a new area. Deploying optical antenna transceivers enables a paradigm shift in optical interconnects and communication at ultimate device densities through the following innovations:• Development a whole new class of plasmon-assisted transducing optical functional nanodevices.This unique concept addresses the development for ultracompact nanocomponents.• Prototyping self-sustained plasmonic in/out electrical ports on SPP waveguiding platforms, removing thus complex optical interfacing that cannot be miniaturized.• Pioneering a technological breakthrough enabling nanoscale wireless broadcasting of optical information.• Using these functionalities, we will prospect new research directions by proviing a unique ground for (i) generating ultrafast electron surges in an integrated electronic layout enabling ultrafast transport studies in molecular electronics and (ii) for realizing ultrasmall THz sources enabling thus penetration of THz technology at the nanometer-scale."

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