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Supporting the role of VET professionals to improve the trainees employability

At the present, organizations demand employees not only with technical key competencies that are taken for granted, but also with personal and social competences. They perform in a rapidly changing environment influenced by different factors not only of technological and economic nature but also organisational where competencies such as decision making, time management and leadership are vital for competitiveness. Today, it is no longer sufficient to have only expertise (occupation specific competences). The organisations added value that makes them competitive and offer good quality services and ultimately flexible enough to adapt to change, is to count with human capital with updated transversal competences. One of the main barriers lies in the education and training system. This has a direct impact on the labour market, both for trainers and guidance professionals and for job seekers. Policy makers and policy implementing agents who have good knowledge on procedures of each service but have serious difficulties to guide, train, advise and accompany the final users in the process, have detected this problem. TrainVet4Jobs intends to analyse the situation as well as design and validate training tools to facilitate the work of VET trainers and guidance professionals focusing on those transversal competences that are proved to be crucial to improve the trainees’ and employees’ professional and personal development and their employability. Thus, the project aims at: - Analysing existing systems of recognition and assessment of competences and existing training of trainers focusing on transversal competencies;- Developing a competence framework for “training the trainers” on transversal competences ;- Developing a training course to be tested in Spain and Italy for the project target (TG): VET trainers and guidance professionals;- Setting the basis for the creation of a European network of experts in competences, especially for those who deal with transversal competences. The project aims at transferring the methodology developed by the VALEW project (LLP EQF 147634/2008-4521) to enhance the capacity of VET trainers and guidance professionals to identify, codify and validate competences, especially transversal competences in the existent National Qualification systems focusing on the EQF third pillar (Competencies).TrainVet4Jobs is conducted by a partnership of 9 institutions from 6 EU countries, building upon solid relations among the partners and with a very clear network orientation approach.The outcomes of the project include a synthesis report on VET trainers and guidance professionals needs regarding transversal competences; a training model published in EN, ES, NL, IT, EE and GR, 2 evaluations reports and a variety of dissemination materials adapted for the different target groups. TrainVet4Jobs has had a considerable impact throughout the different regions in ES as well as in the countries involved: NL, IT, EE and GR.
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