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Supporting Pioneers in Urban-Rural Entrepreneurship to create vital new hubs (PURE HUBS)
Start date: Mar 31, 2010, End date: Apr 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We aim to ENHANCE THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL PERFORMANCE OF CITIES AND THEIR RURAL HINTERLANDS and to establish better functional links between urban communities and rural production in the NWE area. We translate this general aim into 3 objectives: Objective 1: To enhance the SOCIAL relationships between urban communities and adjacent rural areas. enabling cross-sector cooperation and ultimately more effective supply chains for locally produced goods and services. Objective 2: To strengthen innovative urban-rural entrepreneurship. stimulating new ECONOMIC relations between cities and their hinterlands and developing new business models that better exploit the economic potential of peri-urban areas and also directly meet the socio-economic demands of the cities. Objective 3: To sustain and to further improve these urban-rural linkages through embedding them in the long-term area development policies of local and regional authorities. This project sets out the proposition of PURE Hubs (PURE=Pioneers in Urban Rural Entrepreneurship) as a specific strategy for generating Urban-Rural economic and social resilience. We see a PURE Hub as an active node. or connection point. in a comprehensive Urban-Rural network which can incorporate infrastructural as well as organisational elements. A PURE Hub can be a physical building. or an organisational node linking networks of people and organisations. The common factor is that it would: - Reconnect the relationship between rural practice and the needs of urban social and economic well-being. contributing to prosperity and enhanced quality of life in both cities and their rural hinterlands. - Provide economic and social added value through the empowering of urban and rural stakeholders by involvement and commitment within PURE networks facilitating interaction and knowledge transfer. Achievements: 11 hubs developed activities to improve access to local food, such as farmers markets, businessplans for food halls and meal services.7 hubs developed specialised activities for children such as school gardens, workshops for children, on-farm education and events.14 hubs offer green recreational activities, such as food events, culinary cycling routes and experience trials. 2 hubs have specialised in the connection between food and care and, being part of a regional network of therapy farms, they inspired 150 more farms within their network.
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