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Support Patients through E-services Solutions (SPES)
Start date: Mar 31, 2011, End date: Mar 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The topic of telemedicine offers potential for greater social cohesion in Europe as well as numerous advantages and has already begun to fill a major role in, and to change, the manner in which people interact with healthcare. Transnational cooperation in the respective field may lead to innovative and shared solutions in order to fulfil the goal to move towards a "European eHealth Area", recognised by the European Commission.The role of local authorities in the area of healthcare is to develop a reliable system able to check, record and compare the medical conditions within the particular region. The telemedicine can be solution for many regions having impact also on reduction of traffic and positive effects on the environment.SPES project focuses on the practical implementation of technical tools already developed designed to ease the life of older people in their homes focusing on respiratory problems, dementia, handicapped people and socially excluded population. Achievements: The CENTRAL EUROPE project Supporting Patients through E-Service Solutions (SPES) aims to ease the life of people suffering severe or chronic illness by the use of innovative solutions like ICT telemedicine systems, intelligent devices and monitoring solutions. The large part of the patients involved on the project will be elder people that, normally, are taken after by family or social services. SPES, during the project lifetime, will develop 4 different pilots, each dealing with 4 different illnesses and in 4 different central European areas (cities of Ferrara, Vienna, Brno and Kosice) with the same approach. SPES approaches the problem bringing together experiences from the medical world with the possibilities offered by new technologies, like telecommunication solutions, new PCs or intelligent devices trying to demonstrate that this approach is successful to improve the quality of the patients life. In the second year, SPES faced different actions finalized to: - Test selected devices and methdologies with patients; - Further develop the software platform (bug correction, implementation of new features); - Contact and inform different groups of people at different levels about the opportunities of the SPES project, its objectives and methodologies; - Improve the connection with the political world created with the Strategic Political Committee; - Disseminate the first data on the project trhough the newsletter and the web site; - To create a clear map of existing initiatives and a picture of the opportunities in the Central Europe area on the field of telemedicine and e-Health projects. During the first year of activities, SPES investigated both the real life situations that could be improved with technologies and the technical solutions that were in the market. In the case of the pilot in Vienna, an agreement with a device producer allowed the project to use devices from the army in patients houses and for people safety. The second year of activity was spent to test technologies with patient, to refine the configuration and to analyse the first feedback from involved people. In general, even if the degree of diffidence is high, the proposed solution were accepted by almost all the people involved in the pilot and the first feedbacks are really positive. The general impression from the involved people was that their safety has been improved; the distance from the doctor was reduced even if only by the use of communication technologies. In one case, the technical solution allowed the pilot implementer to direclty help a person in a critical situation after the pressure of the panic button on the device and the intervention of the ambulance. The pilot of Kosice, due to internal and administrative issues, was unable to start the activities and to use the necessary devices.
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