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Support for International Business Cooperation in Kaliningrad District

The main objective of the project is to create the infrastructure for company internationalization support and upgrade the international cooperation skills and capacity of enterprises in Kaliningrad district. The project foresees preparation and training of the network of International Business Cooperation consultants in newly established (during the project) International Trade Promotion Department of Kaliningrad RDA and other business support organizations, which will work directly with local companies in promoting their internationalization activities. Development of concrete International Business cooperation project for Kaliningrad enterprises is planned as well as joint trade missions with Lithuanian partners and establishment of the International Business Cooperation Support Web Service. 7-10 International Business Cooperation consultants will be trained in Kaliningrad RDA and other organizations, they, with the support of project experts will then prepare and deliver training programme for Kaliningrad companies willing/able to start Internationalization activities. After the training IBC consultants together with project experts will work on development and implementation of concrete IBC projects in Kaliningrad enterprises. International Trade promotion Department will be established in Kaliningrad RDA and the staff the department will be trained. Klaipeda CCI will provide placement opportunities in its Foreign Relations department to share the experience of operation of such department. At least 5 Kaliningrad companies will be provided by the opportunity to participate in trade outgoing trade missions organized by Klaipeda CCI, at least 5 will participate in a joint trade mission by Kaliningrad RDA and Klaipeda CCI and at least 7 companies will participate in trade mission organized by Kaliningrad RDA.Internationatioonal Trade Promotion Web service will be created and operated by Kaliningrad RDA.

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  • 2000 - 2006 Lithuania - Poland - Russia (LT-PL-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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