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Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

In a moment where the political leaders have failed several times o reach an international agreement concerning global environmental challenges and climate change the role of youth participation and civil society organisations play in ensuring sustainability of our planet is more important than ever. As organisations that actively promote the international/regional mobility of young people, especially with the opportunities offered by Youth in Action and traveling invariably by plane, the partners in this project recognise the need to standardise the introduction, in all stages of our projects (planning, implementation and follow up), mechanisms to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. This means on all aspects including travel & transportation, urban mobility, use of resources such as paper, water, electricity and consumption of the food, etc. This training course involving 24 youth leaders from 8 countries, and 8 partner organisations will introduce participants to the concept of Carbon Footprints how to calculate the Footprint of an activity or action based on the carbon emissions it produces and give ideas and best practices example of how organisations can introduce carbon offsetting into the “budgets” of the activities. In this way the participants will have the capacity when planning future international/local youth activities to measure the overall environmental impact of an activity taking into account the form of travel-international and urban transport, electricity, paper&material, water and food, usage of local products will be especially evaluated. Following this analysis the participants will then be trained to know how to use concrete methods and tools to contribute to sustainability of their projects and organisations in a positive way and so balance the negative impact of the activity creating where possible "zero" carbon footprints for the overall projects.
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