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SUPER-M.A.N. - Supermarkets Meet Accessibility Needs
End date: Feb 7, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUPER-M.A.N aimed at analysing the field of accessibility for mentally disabled people. The problems to face were cognitive and psychic difficulties and the barriers we wished to eliminate were more relational and cultural than architectonic. The project aimed to design and implement actions to allow all people a fully social inclusion. In 2007 in France, some E.Leclerc supermarkets implemented training courses for their staff in order to make supermarkets accessible places for mentally disabled people. SUPER-M.A.N goal was to transfer the good practice developed in France to Italy and Germany involving local/national retailing chains like Conad (IT) and Tegut (DE).Activities:1) information, dissemination and exploitation of the French practice results and tools;2) adaptation, integration and testing, in Italy and Germany, of a training course for the staff of some Conad and Tegut supermarkets;3) recognition of the soft skills acquired by the staff of the supermarkets involved with the Level 5 system and recognition to each supermarket of a label of accessibility;4) development of large consense and wide participation of actors in order to have a multiplier effect in the field of work and vocational training. Partners:-not-for-profit organizations providing services to mentally disabled people: Kara Bobowski (IT) and Les Papillons Blancs (FR);-one organization for adult training: Bupnet (DE);-public institutions: Municipality of Forlì (IT) and Landkreis Kassel (DE) -retailing chain: Conad (IT). As associated partners, Tegut and Cerpa Italia onlus joined the project.In order to ensure a follow up to the project, the partners decided to go on working together and to create an european network focused on the theme of accessibility for mental disabled people. The main aim of the network will be:- spreading and promoting the values of the SuperMAN project;- providing specific trainings to the staff of public services (other supermarkets, cultural sites, transport means, hotels, restaurants, public administrations, banks, hospitals, etc.); - certificating the trainings and the competences acquired with the Level 5 System;- awarding the public services involved in the trainings with a label of accessibility;- spreading the knowledge and recognition at Europaen level of the label of accessibility used both by the original French project and the SuperMAN project.

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