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SUI-Abroad: Teachers on the road in order to improve the quality of our school by international professionalization
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context background Sint-Ursula-instituut is a trade school with a fashion department. At our campus, which includes the Sint-Ursulamiddenschool (first grade) and the Sint-Ursula-lyceum (general) 1,150 students are registered. Our goal is to prepare our students for higher education as well as for a job. As a trade school we try to teach our students to become strong and responsible entrepreneurs in an international and European context. To learn our students competences such as languages and communication skills, European citizenship and also their personal maturity, we give the possibility for an internship in France, Spain and soon in England. Aim of the project Our school consists of 76 motivated teachers who constantly try to professionalize on pedagogical, social, didactical levels. Since our school is working towards internationalisation, we need teachers who have the right profile to manage our foreign projects. Therefore it’s essential to renew and improve by looking for good examples abroad. The contact with international colleagues, the sharing of experiences and following courses together will contribute to a more professional team of teachers and board members. The candidates of our school are all colleagues who believe strongly in the benefits of the Erasmus program and are convinced that “lifelong learning” is not only meant for students but is also necessary for teachers and other school staff members. Besides the acquisition of new insights and experiences the main goal for our teachers is to improve our schoolorganisation, the teaching-methods, ... and the interaction with the students. Participants, different courses and motivation to participate In this dossier we submit an application to sent somebody from the management to explore the Finish school system. For many years this system is considered as the reference, therefore it will be very interesting to look for insights and examples to implement in our school. 2 teachers leave for Lissabon to improve their didactical and pedagogical skills for training students. Some coaching techniques like “Learning to learn", "Social and civic competences", "Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship" and "Cultural awareness and expression” will be taught. Our school aims high on equal chances on education for everybody (GOK). A member of the GOK team will go to Iceland to learn more about the different learning processes and ‘meta-learning’ in order to help students who have problems in learning. During this course she will get an insight in the thinking process and in defining the relevance of thinking in relation to learning. Her ideas and experiences will help us to determine new approaches to dealing with students who are ‘different’. Within our school we see a significant growth in diversity. The course on diversity will bring more insights on that topic. In total we will give 5 members of our school the opportunity to follow an international course in 2016 and the same amount in 2017. Participating in these courses, exchanging experiences, networking in an international context will be a great added value for our school. Results and impact from this program From earlier experience we know that following a course abroad will have an amazing impact on the participant as a person, as a teacher and as a coach. In this short period one will gain insights, experiences and competences, which one will never learn by staying in the comfort zone nearby. One will expand his horizons and learn to think out of the box by exchanging experiences with other EU participants. We expect our staff members to co-shape our European Development Plan and use the gained experiences and skills in their lessons, projects…and “infect” both other teachers and students. The school will use this experience to install workgroups to give an answer to our needs on diversity, coaching, ... to become a 'better' school in the future.
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