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"SudEstRo-AgroVET – Practică pentru EuRoCompetenţe Profesionale în Agricultură"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “SouthEstRo-AgroVET-Practice for Professional EuRoCompetencies in Agriculture” comprises the best opportunity of improving practical experience of VET students from five technological high schools with agricultural focus, located in three counties from Sooutheastern Romania and Bucharest, all acting as partners in a consortium. This project applies to eleventh grade students – professional focus as veterinary technicians for employment in livestock farming – and twelfth grade students – professional focus as veterinary technicians for employment in slaughterhouse and meatpacking industry, in order to obtain professional qualifications according with the OMEdC-approved curriculum, no. 1847 from 08.29.2007. It serves the purpose for the target students to acquire key-competencies and abilities necessary in their profession, as well as real, practical experience in an European-style agriculture, simultaneous with nurturing their emotional intelligence and theoretical, linguistic and intercultural experience. The current proposal also aims to overcome social exclusion and alienation, and provides access to a high-quality education to all students, among which there are youth from the rural environment and from disadvantaged backgrounds. The main objectives of the project are as follows : O1. Enhancing the quality of education and professional growth provided by the partner high schools in topics of Natural resources and environmental protection, Agriculture, Veterinary technicians, and inherently also improving the graduates’ likelihood of placement in the workforce. In a first stage, the project will comprise educational mobilities for 120 students from 11th and 12th grades at « Sandu Aldea « Agricultural College in Calarasi, « Viaceslav Harnaj » Agricultural College in Bucharest, the Technological Agricultural High school Smeeni, Technological Structural High school « Victor Frunza », Technological High school « Traian Savulescu » in Ramnicu Sarat and Technical High school « Pontica » in Constanta, followed by dissemination of acquired knowledge to the entire school attendance by participating students and chaperoning faculty members. O2. Enhancing the competence level and improving key abilities of participating students, which are vital for placement in the workforce and consolidating the cooperation between the educational environment and professional growth. The project will ensure a smother transition to the environment of future practical job settings , as well as a relevant and useful experience for their future careers. O3. Strengthening national and international connections among educational institutions acting as partners in this project, through international mobilities and enhanced cooperation with educational and professional formation providers from other European countries, with an ultimate goal of enhancing the appeal and quality of VET careers. In this project, there will be 120 student participants from the Veterinary Technician major, level 4: 59 students from 11th grade and 61 students from 12th grade, among which over 50% have a rural background, as well as 10 chaperone teachers. Activities will take place across 6 modules within 2 school years (2015-2017), under placing mobilities format as follows : -4 modules comprising a total of 80 students will travel to Montijo, Portugal, being joined by 8 chaperone teachers -2 modules comprising a total of 40 students will travel to Seville, Spain, being joined by 2 chaperone teachers The proposed metholodology included in this project includes developing professional qualification activites applicable to the workforce in the Veterinary Technician field for all participants These activities will be organized and applied in the livestock industry (for 11th grade students ) and in slaughterhouse and meatpacking industry (for 12th grade students), respectively. The results obtained by implemeting this project will be as follows: R1. Practical preparation for the workforce for Veterinary Techinican students deviced as : a)Modul 6 « Modern biotechnology in livestock farming » for 11th grade students b)Modul 6 « Sanitary veterinary quality control » for 12th grade students taking place for 90 hours each, across 19 days of mobility participation R2. Cultural enhancement via extracurricular activities during free time and on weekends. The project’s sustaintability will be ensured by means of disseminating and multiplying the results and achievements, by developing support materials, by reaching the objective of enhacing the prospective employability of of graduates and by setting up new projects in the Erasmus+ Program.
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