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SUD-UE - Student Mobility (EU - Latin America)
Start date: Jul 15, 2013,

SUD-UE is focused on 5 pillars:- Strong awareness of the importance to include New Partners in Erasmus Mundus, providing an opportunity for 11 new universities to participate for the first time in this mobility experience.- Union of two political regions (South America and Europe), providing awareness of it to the countries and universities involved.- Degree recognition abroad as one of the crucial issues in which the universities involved have been working during the last years, in Tuning. - Upgrade the opportunities of an heterogeneous Consortium in terms of international cooperation experiences.- Experimental use of a Credit System, such as CLAR (Latin America Credit) and ECTS (European credit), for mobility.SUD-UE intends to bridge two political entities (UNASUR and European Union) through two strategies: mobility (EMA 2 experiences) and recognition (using the tools developed by Tuning Latin America (LA) projects such as competence based system, student centred and a new credit for the region CLAR). SUD-UE was conceived as a consortium that brings together 10 countries of UNASUR and 7 countries of the European Union. The added value of the new proposal is based on:- SUD-EU represents an opportunity for 11 universities (7 SA and 4 EU) which never participated in EMA 2 project. - SUD-UE is a consortium that allows two countries (Ireland and Slovenia, which have never been represented in EMA project in the region) to be part of it.- Four of 8 European universities have never participated in EM2, 3 of the rest of European universities have never participated in any LA EMA project. - SUD-UE is completely homogeneous in relation to Tuning methodology. All participating universities have the expertise to implement CLAR credit system.It is the first time that a compatible credit system (CLAR - ECTS) will be tested through a large mobility programme an intense flow of 181 mobilities. It might represent a milestone for student mobility between two regions.

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