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Successful Intergenerational Learning through Validation, Education & Research
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

Aging of the working population in the EU will result in the loss of critical knowledge and underutilization of older workers in most sectors of the economy. At the same time many organizations in the EU face the challenge of becoming more innovative and knowledge intensive. In order to deal with this problem managers and employees in Europe need to improve their capacity for intergenerational learning (IGL). Through IGL, knowledge can be transferred from older to younger workers and vice versa. This stimulates retention of knowledge in organizations and the utilization and vitality of older workers. Successfully implementing IGL in organizations is not an easy task. IGL often requires a change in attitude and behaviour of both younger and older workers. This change may be hampered in a particular organisation by a number of factors including a lack of awareness and lack of information on the costs and benefits of IGL. Successfully implementing intergenerational learning in organizations asks organizations to change in complex ways and to consider things such as country and organizational culture, cultural differences between generations, learning styles of employees and differences in regards to sectors. Project SILVER aims to develop an IGL Toolbox for human resources & human development specialists, managers and employees that can be used to successfully foster and implement IGL. It will be contextualized to the local contexts in six member states and to six industries. The IGL Toolbox contains three modules: 1) a stakeholder awareness programme designed to help stakeholders diagnose the risks for knowledge retention and underutilization in their organisation and identify possible pitfalls for implementing IGL. 2) A "Doing IGL" manual for realizing IGL in varying sectors and cultures, 3) an evaluative framework for making a cost benefit analysis of IGL projects in organizations, and 4) an online game for IGL called Gigl: Gaming for IGL.
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