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Subvert Ad - Raise Awareness. Let’s Plan an Advertising Campaign about Intercultural Dialogue!

The project aims to encourage intercultural dialogue, civil awareness, creativity and innovation through the use of advertising language. In the first place, it aims to raise awareness of the influence of advertising persuasive devices on young people. Students will be encouraged to develop an understanding of how advertising influences their own behaviour and value system, and they will be guided in the analysis of advertising messages and techniques in order to create "counter ads”.Students will produce a public service campaign in an effort to change people's attitudes and behaviours and stimulate positive change. This campaign will use the effective techniques found in real ads but will address pressing social issues that the students will discuss together. These will include some of the following topics: intercultural dialogue, fighting racism and violence, promotion of cultural diversity and active citizenship, the contribution of different cultures to Europe's heritage and lifestyles, improving the quality of living together, community well-being.The final product will be the creation of images, slogans and videosThe project will also integrate and use new multimedia technologies and the Internet (ICT) to improve the quality of learning.

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