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Suaugusiųjų švietėjų mobilumas: mokymo(si) prieinamumo ir kokybės užtikrinimas
Start date: Jun 22, 2015, End date: Jun 21, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Teachers of Kaunas Adult Education Centre are oriented to needs, possibilities and practical experiences of adult learners. ICT tools have been applying in the education process in order to improve learners motivation, developing their general competencies. This activity has been planned and its effectiveness has been analyzed. Nevertheless, it is noticed that learners use ICT in the education process only partially. Due to emigration each year the number of learners who interrupt the training/learning process increases. Today the learners of Centre have been facing the problem of cultures junction. School has to use innovative education methods in order to prepare learners for active participation in the civic public life. An international mobility project “Mobility of Adult Educators: assurance of training and learning access and quality" has been prepared in accordance with programme „Erasmus+“ and strategic plan of Centre for 2013-2015. Seeking to improve the quality of upbringing process it is provided to upgrade general competencies of the staff, to strengthen learners’ motivation, to create the certain conditions which would allow to develop general competences for learners of different needs, to apply active training/learning methods and forms using ICT and developing subject-specific and technological competencies while communication with learners in virtual environment. It is also provided to cultivate active citizenship and develop the identity of the institution. Target groups of the project: teachers and learners. 30 % of teachers and 55% of learners will be involved to international project activities oriented to applying active learning methods to the training/learning process. During the project, teachers will be supposed to attend training courses in order to upgrade their professional competences, seeking to improve their knowledge about developing learners’ motivation while discovering Europe and its multicultural heritage, using such untraditional environment as museums and the following art forms: drama, literature, poetry and art. International courses provide an opportunity to improve usage skills of English language , to acquire knowledge about leadership, attitude, practical teamwork skills, also access to EU educational practice and innovation, educating an active European citizen. Applying of obtained experience to educational practice will enhance learners’ motivation and develop their general skills, encourage initiative, entrepreneurship, leadership, cultural awareness and mobility. Integrated virtual learning tool „The European identity and citizenship“ has been prepared for teachers of History and English Language, it is oriented to learners of 10-12 grades and supposed to be included in the school's electronic resources base and the teaching resources site of UPC (Education Development Centre). The learning tool will be available at Centre distant virtual courses “ Moodle”. Teachers and learners involvement in the project activities using social networks and virtual book “Chain” which reveals European cultural heritage, will improve their intercultural competence, enhance the quality of education process for learners with different motivation, improve their social, civic and linguistic skills for ensuring personal fulfillment. According to the needs and interests of the learners an elective modules of History and English will be prepared. The programmes of the modules will be included to educational content of 2015-2016. During the project, a programme about leadership oriented to development of planning career, enterprise, leadership and technological literacy skills will be prepared. This programme will be integrated to strategic plan of Centre. A variety of programs will fully guarantee learners' choices, encourage their initiatives and trust-based communication. During the project, data bank of good practice will be created and constantly updated. New competencies and experiences of the staff participating in the project will promote the development of Centre towards European dimension, introducing advanced methods, updating curricula, increasing the education flexibility, liberalism, enhancing general humanitarian outlook, citizenship, general and transferable skills, creativity and initiative in education. It is expected that 55 % of learners participating in the project activities will acquire general, social, intercultural competencies and practical skills which are necessary for employment and job, they also will enter the labor market. 50 % of learners will seek higher education, 30 % of teachers will improve their general skills and international competences, will contribute to increase of the internationalisation of school. The result and conclusions of the project will be presented not only for community of Centre, but also for teachers of Kaunas city and Center partners.
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