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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are living in the time of high tech and global development. However, along with the science and high tech, the most important area is also the creative industry, which is based on creative work and intellectual capital. If previously there was no doubt in the importance of education an the area of scientific research, the situation in the world nowadays tells us that in future the important thing is going to be the synthesis of the scientific and the creative (artistic) approach to solving various questions and tasks. This is why the task of education today is to aid the development of the students’ abilities and skills in different areas. This problem can be solved with the aid of the interdisciplinary integration, more practical study of the material, and the students’ individual approach to the choice of the subjects to study. Because when the integrated approach is used to solve different questions and problems each student can show him or herself, and give a good account of him or herself. The integration/union of such seemingly different areas as science and art facilitates the development of the creative thinking. Exact sciences and technologies stimulate clear, precise answers to the questions (as much as it is possible), and the Arts solve the vague, unclear, ambiguous questions that have to do with doubt and skepticism. Only the union of the precise science and the humanitarian approach can support the innovators in the complicated modern world. Because this approach to studying the material means organizing the diversified activities, it will help the students to show their individual abilities and interests. However, despite the fact the educational programs of the European countries are pointing out the necessity, importance and the urgency of the integrated approach to studies, there are not so many working, methodical materials for a number of topics (or they are completely absent). This is why this project is aimed at the following: - On the one hand, to aid the development of students’ capacities as creativity, cooperation, creative interaction and critical thinking; - And, on the other hand: creating the methodic materials and examples of using the media and the school’s IT resources for the study programs for different topics is such a way that they would support the theoretical material. Within the framework of the project activities, we are going to look at several topics/modules. The participation of the schools from different countries will allow us to unite the efforts of those teachers who are interested in solving these questions and, considering the fact that each school has its own experience and its own strengths is studying different subjects, the joint project will let us unite the efforts. Because the project activities imply the students’ active participation, this will give both the students and the teachers an opportunity to meet different ways of approach and educational methods in practice. To see the pros and cons of the different types of activities “in real life”. Therefore, the project activities will directly involve more than 20 teachers and 300 students from different countries. On the basis of the collected and developed materials we are going to create a single open Internet resource, where the work materials will be displayed for each module to help all the teachers and those working in education who are interested in this topic. To familiarize the target audience, share the experience, the introductory seminars will take place at the partner schools. Because the problem touched upon in the project – the organization of interdisciplinary approach in education – is one of the most important ones in the process of education, the improvement of the ways of solution will be naturally continued at each school.
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