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Study and Valorisation of Archaeological Sites of the Mediterranean Area (MED.ARCHEO.SITES)
Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Apr 29, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project MED.ARCHEO.SITES foresees the possibility to activate a set of different operations for the establishment of a route of knowledge, valorisation, fruition and dissemination of Cultural Heritage within a sustainable development of the cities and territories. This project is based on the fact that in all Mediterranean countries there is an enormous archaeological, architectural and artistic heritage which is not catalogued and about which very little is known. This often leads to this heritage not being preserved as it should be and it being only partially enhanced as an important historical element of the community or as a point of attraction and culture for the increasing number of tourists visiting the area. This programme deals with the problems connected to the scarce knowledge of the cultural patrimony and with the need for preserving, enhancing and promoting the same with a view to their potential exploitation by a wider range of users. The project envisages the realisation of an interlinked series of events to be carried out in several areas of southern Italy and Sicily, Greece, the island of Malta and Libya. The precise objectives of these events are to create georeferenced databanks of the historical heritage, to organise the structural preservation of archaeological and monumental complexes, to set up archaeological sites furnished with infrastructures, learning/didactic centres and other facilities and, in conclusion, to divulge the knowledge acquired to an ever vaster public. The partners involved make up part of a complementary group of subjects, working together in synergy. They are represented by spatial management organisations (Province of Vibo Valentia and Province of Salerno), research institutes (Universities of Palermo and Salerno), tourist information centres (ATEDA of Athens), local government bodies (Municipality of Athens and Municipality of Gortyna), and cultural heritage agencies (National Cultural Heritage Agency of Malta, Iben Alathir Association of Libya and Ephorate of Patras). Each partner will work in a different context (Archaeological park of Vibo Valentia; Fratte; Poseidonia/Paestum; Pontecagnano; Himera, Sicily; Gortyna, Crete; Athens, Malta, northern Peloponnisos; Libya), but will act along common guidelines established during the periodical meetings. The main activities foreseen, in logical and operative sequence, are: the cataloguing of the heritage in the various regions and ancient cities; the study of several monumental complexes or areas with a view to their enhancement; actions on archaeological structures and areas with a view to their restoration and requalification, the creation of infrastructural networks, the setting up of didactic centres, making archaeological areas into museums or the creation/reinstatement of museum spaces; meetings for presenting, divulging the results, the creation of websites and illustrative and informative brochures. The most important results expected are the creation of urban and regional catalogues including the archaeological, architectural and artistic patrimony, the detailed study of several archaeological and monumental complexes, the creation of equipped archaeological parks, the opening of new museum spaces, an improved exploitation of several archaeological sites, and a wider divulgation of the knowledge acquired regarding the relative cultural heritage. The projects deliverables include georeferenced and computerised databanks in standard software formats (GIS), scientific and informative publications, permanent infrastructures, multi-medial products for divulging knowledge, websites. The direct beneficiaries of the project are the populations of the Mediterranean and European regions: both those residing in the areas involved in the activities who can make a better use of the newly-enhanced historical and cultural heritage, and those from other geographical regions, i.e. tourists to the Mediterranean areas who are particularly interested in the qualitative and quantitative development of knowledge and the exploitability of the heritage.

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