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Studio Parc
Start date: Jul 1, 2010,

The name of our project is Studio Parc and our aim is to increase the desire of the local community to express itself in artistical ways and to maintain a level of proactivity when it comes to social interaction through creative activities that take place on public grounds. We want to create a tradition in Circus Park that on every Wenesday (starting on the 28th of July) young people will gather and interact through music and flow arts as a starting point for developing an active comunity. We will have 5 specific events that will implicate each day another music style (Medieval, Balcanic, Oriental, African and Latino), played by special guests from different countries (Macedonia, Rusia, Kenya, Camerun, South Africa, Spain, France, Chile, Hungary, etc), that will lead the participants in an intercultural journey throughout the globe, presenting them our common origins as it appears in traditional music using specific musical instruments. We will create a positive environment that will help the participants to learn about new cultures beyond stereotypes, meet people with different educational and social backgrounds, gain important knowledge regarding what it means to be tolerant, to be proactive in order to really change things in the local comunity and we will encourage and support them to be part in similar events, organized on their own, in their local communities.
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