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Studies on some herbal additives giving partial protection against toxic or immunosuppressive effects of some mycotoxins and improving wound granulation (HERBAL PROTECTION)
Start date: Jan 1, 2013, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The applicants have addressed to mycotoxins involved in spontaneous animal mycotoxicoses encountered in their countries and the possible protective effects of some herbal additives in feeds, because the course of mycotoxicoses are often accompanied with higher mortality due to secondary bacterial infections provoked by immunosuppressive effects of mycotoxins. Such a problematic mycotoxicosis widely encountered in Bulgaria appears to be spontaneous porcine/chick nephropathy. The widely encountered renal disease may not only cause affected kidneys to be rejected, but it is also correlated with poor liveweight gains and carcass quality in affected animals. THE OBJECTIVES of this study is to explore some ways of safely utilizing chick feeds contaminated with nephrotoxic mycotoxins OTA or FB1 in order to reduce economic losses due to morbidity from secondary bacterial infections or decrease of weight gain in stock chicks and to avoid the rejection or condemnation of such feed. This will be achieved by addition of some herbs to animal feeds, which are known to have protective effects on kidney and liver (the main damaged organs by these mycotoxins) or known to have an immunostimulating effect. Some of the same herbs, well known among Indian or African tribes to have strong healing effects on wounds or human health, will be further studied of their possible effects on wound granulation. By extending their expertise on the creation of research labs for biocharacterization of herbs and by sharing the technology for preparation and stabilization of herbal extracts the collaborators will help their countries to manage with the growing demands of the herbal medicine. Finally, some new cheap practical manners of herbal protection (in the form of feed supplements to the feeds) against the action of target mycotoxins will be elaborated, in addition to developing some herbal products, which can improve immune response and are useful for wound granulation, kidney or liver diseases."
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