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Students-Retirees Intergenerational Learning Circles

Aging in Europe imposes the provision of more attractive LLL offers for seniors, whichcorrespond to their learning needs for personal development and self-determination.There is also a lack of understanding between seniors and young in relation to theirvalues and how they can be mutually respected and used for the benefit of both groups,and the community as a whole, i.e. intergenerational learning is underestimated.The project is targeting seniors to ‘learn to learn’ in order to enhance their interpersonal,intercultural, social and digital competence, communication in foreign languages andtheir physical fitness and health awareness so as to stay active and socially involvedlonger in order to meet the demands of the European knowledge-based society. It will:develop a supportive intergenerational learning environment where intergenerationallearning circles of retirees and students will be formed so that they can get aware oftheir cultures and respect diversity; elaborate learning materials in order to improvesome of the European key competences as well as the physical activity and healthawareness; use the blended learning approach with both retirees and students so thatthey can self-determine their learning environment, self-manage their time; enhance theteaching competence of both target groups thus contributing to the mutual transfer ofknowledge, skills, and experience for the benefit of the community.Project outputs will be an intergenerational e-learning environment based onintergenerational learning circles of students and retirees, implemented by: 1.intergenerational curriculum; 2. learning materials in Social skills, Adapted Sport Gamesand Health Issues; Basic ICT and English Language Skills 3. teaching material for bothstudents and retirees; 4. team portfolios and country portfolios; 5. reports on theresearch findings; 6. reporting, quality and evaluation procedures. 7. partnership ecommunicationsystem. 8. evaluation and progress reports.
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