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Structuring of work related competences in chemical engineering

The project “Structuring of work related competences in chemical engineering - STRENGTH” refers to LLP Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation, and complies with objective 2; operational objective 4; LdV EU priority LEO-TraInno-7. The rationale for the project is grounded on the urgent need for establishing of common innovative models and initiatives for VET to enhance qualification transparency and comparability. The project will launch innovative and coherent model for qualification description in knowledge intensive Chemical Engineering sector with high Green employment potential. The main aim of the project is focused on cooperation between VET and the world of work and foresees transferring and upgrading of VQTS-PH project outcomes through elaboration of smart multilanguage e-system for qualification description based on EQF principles. The project objectives comprise development of Competence Matrix, upgraded as an intelligent tool for competence description and creation of new content in Chemical Engineering in respect to it; review of national/EU competences in project field, mapping benchmark descriptions in relation to the intelligent tool and generation of personalized records; transfer a mobility procedure within the frame of Chemical Engineering at EU level; testing/evaluation of STRENGTH intelligent tool for transparency of qualifications; building up a canvassing partnership with sectoral organizations for embedding the new model; organization of valorization activities. STRENGTH consortium is structured on the basis of complementing background, professional expertise and experience of the partners. It includes 5 partners from 4 EU countries – ES (P0), BG (P1, P2), SI (P3), UK (P4), and comprises 2 Universities (P0, P3), R&D Center (P2), NGO (P1), and SME (P4). The project consortium consists of members with wide experience in different national/EU initiatives. They can integrate innovative practices into educational system and provide the necessary policy background for realization of project aims. The “transfer of innovation” process will be supported by associate group of silent partners.The general project outcomes foresee performance of need analysis about project subject, creation of dedicated virtual environment; establishment of structure and methodology for implementation of smart logic tool for competence description and generation of Organizational/Individual Professional Profiles; drawing of a mobility scheme. The results will be approbated and evaluated at a broad (inter)national scale. Their sustainability will be supported by cluster formation with other national/EU initiatives. The project impact will contribute to raise awareness for importance of transparency and comparability of qualifications for Green jobs and necessary changes in EU labour market and society in respect to the role of VET in professional development.
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