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The project´s main objective was to develop strong economic and social cohesion in the local regions through growing business dynamics and cooperation between regional business institutions. As far as it its specific goals are concerned, the project aimed at strengthening cross-border business activities based on cooperation and realising cross-border business potential, and setting up, with cross-border partners, a network of small and medium enterprises and business support institutions. Achievements: One project result was 5 cross-border business networks comprising 42 companies. The project also motivated 27 companies to sign 21 partnership agreements and led to the organisation of 6 seminars and 4 network events, and the publication of online news and a promotional brochure. The formal cross-border network enabled its participants to access new markets, technology and innovation, improve their access to financial resources, knowledge and networking, and engage in cooperation with the private and public sectors so as to improve the regional market´s effectiveness.
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  • 75%   78 677,83
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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