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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Qualified employees of tomorrow are qualified employees with foreign experience. Without having a perfect after-sales-service, we cannot survive global competition. Qualified employees, having foreign experience, are able to comply much better with other cultures and lifestyles and thus compensate cultural differences. Already today and in future, they will be able to make a valuable contribution to integrate migrants into our society. In the course of demographic change, foreign assignments are an important feature of our eduation in order for us to present ourselves as an attractive, modern and international apprenticing company. Messrs. Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH offers a modern and international training. As part of the education programme, 90% of the 72 trainees spent three to eight weeks in foreign countries. Until now, this was financed via a "Gjoer Det" and "Leonardo da Vinci" programme with Norway. Additionally to these programmes, Messrs. Liebherr, at its own costs, provides installation works not only at Liebherr-subsidiaries but also at our customers worldwide. The centre piece of the modern training, however, is the training concept developed by ourselves according to the principle of "complete activity". This is permanently optimized together with our trainees and adapted to current technology requirements. Furthermore, this is also made available to our norwegian partner in Trondheim. In Norway, we work together with Strinda vgs in Trondheim and with St. Olav vgs in Sarpsborg. The very positive cooperation with the project leaders of the schools already exists for eleven years. With Strinda vgs, a cooperation in the fields of mechanic, electronic and technical product design was agreed and with St. Olav vgs in the fields of industrial salespersons, IT-assistants and IT-specialist for system integration. Special rooms and subject teachers are available at both schools. The implementation of the training in Norway is much different from our procedure. As a result, we converted our training a little bit, so that the trainees must implement more personal responsibility, thus having more fun. A healthy mixture of our "dual system" with the norwegian method is a very good solution. Today, in the field of automation technology, the "Strinda vgs" trains according to the Liebherr-quality standard, which reflects, that both sides learn from each other. In both schools, for approx. three days, our trainees are integrated into the classes of the corresponding special fields in order for them to get known with the norwegian education system and also to get in contact with the pupils. Afterwards, our trainees are divided among different companies, being placed in the greater area of the corresponding city. In these companies, the trainees must integrate themselves into the course of operations and also provide support to the specialists. The corresponding companies were recommended by the teachers of our partner schools and then selected by us in view of a preparatory visit. The accompanying person, who normally arrives three days before the trainees, is in constant contact with the companies. There is a close cooperation with Strinda with regard to development and improvement of our training concept. Our ideas and improvement suggestions and those of our partner schools influence both, our and their training. The accompanying person obtains on-site information about the current development. Based on the increasing globalisation and the associated increase of international contacts with customers and business partners, specialists are also invited to show more interest in other mentalities and working methods than ever before. Our trainees must be prepared to permanently adapt themselves to the changing requirements in working life. This presupposes tolerance, frankness, curiosity and flexibility. For Messrs. Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, having an export share of approx. 75 %, it is vital, that the qualified employees are mobile and can thus be prepared and inspired for foreign assignment. In the past, we had great problems in exciting our young qualified employees for longer installation works. In the recent years, it has shown for Liebherr, that much more young qualified employees are prepared to go on a tour of duty. This is definitely based on the positive experiences of our trainees in foreign countries. The ECVET-agreements, the curriculum, our airms and the europass set the rules, on which we adhere to. We would like to further develop the starting cooperation between St. Olav vgs and Kempten. The leisure programme is organised by the trainees. In this: one good turn deserves another. The more our trainees offer our guests, the more will be offered to them in Norway. Therefore: "Ikke bare snakk, Gjoer Det" – don't only talk - do it !

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