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Stress Prevention Activities Training

In summer 2008, major economic changes emerged in every part of counties of EU, which concerned every actor of the economy in a negative sense. The changes concerned every economic sector, moreover, a great number of experts seek solutions and exit from this crisis. Stress is getting a more and more important work−related risk, as new work organization is applied and as we are moving towards a knowledge−based economy. Prevention of work stress is among the priorities of the European Commission as stated in the Health and Safety policy published in March 2002. European Agency of Health and Safety at work devoted last year a European week and an information campaign with the slogan "Working on Stress".Furthermore, stress is perhaps the main obstacle to learning process in education and training as well as in non formaland informal training, including training in the workplace and the reason for many dropouts.In this context, prevention of stress is of high relevance to quality of the learning processes in formal, non formal,informal vocational training and in the workplace with a view to increase motivation, create appropriate environmentsto facilitate continuing learning and allow effective use of resources.In this framework the project SPAT (Stress Prevention Activities Training ) principal objectives are:- to transfer to Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia - adopting and localization of previous project result − to promote effective risk assessment and prevention of work−related stress and training related stress− to raise awareness on the importance of preventing actions− to to involve all the interested partiesSPAT project addresses to:- trainers- SMES Products of the project are a trainers guide, a training curriculum and training material in Hungarian, Slovak, Bulgarian language. The pilot testing phase of the project includes the organization of a training of trainers seminar and training in the workplace in selected enterprises or training centres in Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria.Intangible product are upgraded HR of SMES. The impact will be increase in competitive advantage and growth of SMES their adaptation in the new organizational requirements, the improvement of entrepreneurship and f new relation between SMES and EU economic environmental.
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