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Strengthening the regional capacity to support the sustainable management of the Black Sea Fisheries (SRCSSMBSF)
Start date: Nov 15, 2011, End date: Nov 14, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The projects aim is the cooperation between the Black Sea riparian countries for knowing and rationally managing the marine ecosystem and its resources, carrying out diagnostics of fish stocks status, as well as sharing advice on management strategies. The major task is to develop methods for joint-regional stock assessment for the Black Sea, that will ultimately enable researchers to determine the condition of stocks and advice on management strategies. Achievements: Standardization at regional level and in conformity with the international practice of the methods and tools for sampling, processing, analyzing and interpreting the data and information as well as the fish stock assessment;- Competitive and comparable data, scientific support of marine fishery management which must to be economically efficient, socially responsible and healthy for environment - Recommendations for the most practical and appropriate method for regular, multi-species, stocks assessment in the Black Sea with suggestions on how to fill knowledge/data/information gaps in the future: best practice guideline on scientifical survey and holistic methods in the Black Sea, 4 summaries methods used for assessing fisheries stocks in the Black Sea by scientific surveys;- Methods to help individuals, organizations and communities better understand the stressors and other factors that influence the productivity of the fishery;- Improvement of management of the Black Sea fish stock exploitation based on harmonized methodologies of assessments based on agreed regional criteria: management plan of the Black Sea Fisheries- Facilitate the dimensioning of the fishing activity depending on the ecosystem's capacity of support;- A better scientific understanding of the basin-wide marine environment/ecosystem status: 7 scientific papers and 8 presentation;- Rational management of ecosystem and living resources from the Black Sea in compliance with the principles of Code of Conduct for a responsible fishing: 4 events on change of information at regional/international level - Support the establish of the total admissible catch depending on the stock status, permitting the efficient allocation of the fishing quotas and the corresponding dimensioning of the fishing effort;- Assessments of the efficiency of fisheries management system and impact of the existing fisheries practices;- An increased mutual understanding and trust amongst the participating institutions;- Improvement of some existent equipment as well as the purchasing of new ones
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