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Strengthening the Professional Profiles of the People Working in the Sports Sector
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project has been prepared for people in the labor market that have received professional training in the basic and intermediate levels in the field of sports. The project aims to support strengthening of these people’s professional profiles in the business market, increasing of their employability and making them reach to the new job opportunities by developing "Social Compliance Training Program Through Sports ", "Talent Selection Training Program in Sports" and "Technology Usage Training Program in Sport”. Also project aims to; to develop new and innovative approaches for sports vocational training, to provide the opportunity to make collaboration of institutions that perform in vocational training field in sports sector, companies that include actively in different socio-economic sectors, public authorities, non-governmental organizations, to raise the accordance of vocational training for sports sector with labor market, to encourage to start of sport’s innovative experiences about vocational education by supporting open vocation resources, open and flexible learning and other innovative methods, to enhance the capacity of the institutions that get into vocational training act for sports sector Project will consist of these activities basically; 1- Project Management 2- Need Analysis 3- Development of the programs such as "Social Compliance Training Program Through Sports ", "Talent Selection Training Program in Sports" and "Technology Usage Training Program in Sport” 4- Pilot implementation of training programs for audience 5- Assessment 6- Dissemination of the Results The scope of the training programs that are desired to be developed are as in the following; 1- Social Compliance Training Program Through Sports: Social Compliance Training Program Through Sports will be designed for disadvantaged people because of physical, geographical, economic, social and cultural factors to increase their accordance and participation and to social life by sports activities and to be implemented on people who will work occupational groups such as; physical education teachers, coaches, sport administrators, sport training specialists, recreation leader, youth leaders. As a result of implementing this training program to people that will work in the relevant occupational group, qualified personnel can be raised in social compliance field through sports. This qualified personnel raised will be able to work in special and public schools, child welfare agencies, youth centers, prisons, civil and non-governmental institutions that make studies about substance abuse, institutions that make training activities for physically and mentally disabled people and at the relevant departments about social work of local governments in social work. 2- Talent Selection Training Program in Sports: “Talent Selection Training Program in Sports” will be implemented for people in the infrastructures of sports clubs, tiny, stars and young categories of sports federations, stars and young national teams, the youth centers that depend on public and local governments, Olympic centers, public and private schools that give basic level of education, similar educational institutions and for people who work as physical education teacher, sports training expert and monitor, coaching, mentoring and youth leadership in the labor market. 3- Technology Usage Training Program in Sport: As in all education activities, in sports field, using technology (especially mobile phones, personal computers and internet) has gained importance to catch the success and quality in teaching and learning processes while providing information flow. However technology can’t be used enough in all fields of the sports and it is seen that the skills to use these equipments have not been gained to physical education teachers and coaches. The most basic ones of technological equipment mentioned are technological system such as smart mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, desktop, laptop and tablet computers, GPS, web page, blog (web log), the Internet, databases, educational audio-visual material (video, DVD, CD, etc..) the movement and image analysis systems. Technology Usage Training Program in Sport wanted to be developed will raise the quality of sports training and provide the usage of technology and the relevant products in sports training by implementing on people who work/ want to work in sports sector such as physical education teacher, sports training specialist, trainer, mentoring and youth leadership.
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