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Strengthening Student Role in Governance and Management at the Universities of Serbia in line with the Bologna Process (SIGMUS)
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

The Project SIGMUS is designed to strengthen the role of students in governance and management at the Universities of Serbia in line with the Bologna process. The models of student services in the EU partner countries will be in-depth examined through training periods at EU university partners and at EU student associations, with the aim to implant their knowledge and experience in Serbia. Furthermore, strengthening of student representative bodies will be made through detailed planning of capacity building of the student representative bodies and developing on-line visibility of student parliaments through creating web portals. Moreover, training programs for trainers will be held at EU partner universities. In order to improve current involvement of students in the implementation of Bologna process, seminars on student participation in the implementation of Bologna process will be held at all universities in Serbia with participation of EU partner institutions. Establishment and development of student services at Serbian Universities is another important task of the project. It will be realized through creating a database of all student organizations in Serbia, implementing student e-services, creating alumni organizations for each university in Serbia and establishing the Student Mentors Pool. The project consortium will devote full attention to the mechanisms of evaluation and quality control and monitoring of the project activities and outcomes, in the form of internal and external evaluations. The project results will be nation-wide disseminated, but will be also available to the higher education institutions in the area. Having in mind that the project is of high national priority, it has full support from all Serbian Universities, as well as from the Ministry of Education and the National Council for Higher Education; this is the best guarantee for sustainabiltiy of the project beyond its duration.
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