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Strengthening of cross-border SME co-operation in the small region of Kiskunmajsa and Banat County

The aim of the project was to implement an investment training – consultancy programfor the small and medium-sized enterprises of Kiskunmajsa and Banat County.In the framework of the project the Micro-Regional Development Association ofKiskunmajsa set up a consultancy office, which will help the entrepreneurs of the regioneven after the completion of this project in designing and implementing cross-borderprojects. The funding also helped to organise a business skills training and to create aninvestment-related publication. At the completion of the project a Serbian-Hungarianinvestment conference was held. There are several opportunities for further bilateralco-operation, for example the operation and plans of local small and medium-sizedenterprises could be mutually introduced. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.

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