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Street Workout Volume.2
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The theme of the youth exchange was “Street Workout”, which is a movement based on exercises using public facilities, such as equipment in school yards or park. The “Street Workout” movement supports healthy living through readily available and financially inexpensive means. Street workout is constantly gaining recognition and popularity worldwide, especially among the young people as a social movement and as democratic sporting activity. Thanks to Internet, “Street Workout” is quickly spread throughout the world and Europe. It is especially popular among young people in urban areas because it’s new and financially inexpensive. “Street Workout” is based on exercising where young people compete among each other, get free of negative energy, developing their creativity by creating new styles and techniques tailored for their own needs. Young people are improving their physical condition and have chance to socialize with other young people complementing each other, fostering their independence without command of trainers/teachers. Venue: Bitola, Macedonia Type of project: Multilateral Youth Exchange Start of the Activity 4 of November - end of the activity 14 of November 2015 The aim of this project was through “Street Workout” to increase active participation of young people and promote healthy life style in urban areas. Objectives of the Youth Exchange were: - To promote cultural diversity and mutual respect among young people through “Street Workout”; - To learn for YouthPass Key Competences and experience them during the Youth Exchange - To gain understanding for entrepreneurship, enhance entrepreneurship competences and detect entrepreneurship opportunities in “Street Workout”; - To promote “Street Workout” as healthy lifestyle and engage young people through improved street workout training infrastructure; - To increase mobility among young people from problematic urban areas through Erasmus+ Programme With this Youth Exchange, ASSOCIATION 615 hosted 4 organizations for 11 days in Bitola, Macedonia, were 32 participants coming from problematic urban zones in cities from Croatia, Portugal, Macedonia, Georgia and Latvia. In order to reach the aim and objectives we used non-formal and informal methods. Participants had chance to share their knowledge and experience through diverse indoor and outdoor activities, exercises, workshops, sessions with professionals, round tables and creative presentations. During the Youth Exchange we created public event organized by the participants to promote “Street workout” on the main street in Bitola and put in use gained knowledge during the youth exchange. With this Youth Exchange we achieved to brake stereotypes for the young people coming from problematic urban areas, which is often viewed as problem to be controlled, rather than a useful resource to be nurtured. On long term we strengthened our partnership and establish new partnership with the organizations that are interested in future projects in Erasmus+. The outcomes from this youth exchange were spread in the Street Workout community on European level and there is big interest of the Street Workout organizations and their young people for the Erasmus+ program. As result of our commitment to promote Street Workout on European level through Erasmus+ program, together with the applicant organization, we are leading partner in the project “Street Workout – Each One Teach One” approved by the German National Agency, where together with our German partner and the partners from previous two project are going to implement Training Course in Weimar, Germany for the Street Workout organizations how to prepare applications for the Erasmus+ program. In the same project we are going to implement one youth exchange in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina where the partners are going to lead the project and evaluation meeting in Tallinn, Estonia with aim to summarise the outcomes from all projects in Erasmus+ which are related with Street Workout. Our next step is applying for the program Erasmus+ SPORT with Italian partner, with aim to make research on the effect of Street Workout parks in deprived urban areas.

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