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Street Workout Innovation
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Street Workout Innovation" is a follow-up of the successfully implemented youth exchange of AFSSC in 2015, called « SStay Healthy & LIve Healthy » that combined the elements of sport, healthy diets and first aid training. The young people, who took part in this project came to a conclusion that a deeper education as well as the promotion of healthier lifestyles among young people as well as the habit of practising the sport activities is a great need nowadays all over Europe.The concept of « Street Workouts » when young people gather together just directly in the streets and are using all available equipment (e.g. of children playgrounds, outdoor parks, public facilities, etc.) as the tools in order to practise sport. This activity, originated from the US starts to get more and more popular all over Europe. The main objective of the workouts are to show that in order to practise sport activities and stay fit you do not need any special equipment, fitness club abonnements, etc. All that you need is just a personal motivation and a little of imagination. Building the teams and working together on a common objective is also something that is rather typical for street workout. We all can have hundreds of excuses for why we are not practising sport regularly (feeling tired, no money for sport equipment or fitness classes, no time, and so on), but whatever it is, it all all stays at the level of excuses that is very easy to hide behind. To stay up, however, and start practising sport activities, demands an effort and a daily effort, that will be a non-stop effort during the whole duration of life, and realisation of this makes the person stronger, brings them out of zone of comfort and leads to the personal development. This will lead not only to the physical self-development, but also will lead to the change of the mindset and the habits. All these ideas are lying as the base of this youth exchange that we propose to organise. As Aristotle said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit".The exchange was proposed by the young people from France that feel a great interest in the Street Workouts and it will bring together 40 young people from 5 different countries from all over EU to the city close to Lyon. With this exchange, we want first of all to motivate the participants themselves to change their lifestyles and practice sport regularly, as well as to change their life habits towards a healthier ones, so that after this exchange, they can serve personal examples all around them, inspiring new and new people. As well as by practicing sport activities outside and involving people around and the local community in the activities, we plan to pass the message widely. We will have a special Facebook group that will be open and will be a space to follow this project, as well as help the participants of the project to exchange their successes and ideas also after the project and present how the things are going in their own countries.Participants will have chance to share their knowledge and experience for Street Workout through diverse indoor and outdoor activities, exercises, workshops, sessions with professionals, round tables and creative presentations. The participants of the exchange will work a lot on the visibility and communication, they will have some creative workshops aimed at the promotion of the exchange messages that they will use in order to print Tshirts, make bracelets and a photo exposition. During the exchange we will create public event for promotion of “Street workout” and thematic evenings for interaction with local youth.
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