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Stratégies innovantes pour la prévention de la récidive

Repeated criminal acts make up a large part of the delinquency statistics in Europe.Studies show that a small number of people commit three quarters of some categoriesof offence. Politicians are searching for a prevention policy to help target this group inorder to monitor them and prevent them from repeating their crimes. This preventivepolicy requires more staff and more imagination in preparing training modules for socialand professional integration. This is the backdrop of the “Stratégies innovantes pour laprévention de la récidive” project [Innovative strategies to prevent repeat offenders],which aims to enhance the impact that prevention policies can have on bolstering socialcohesion within the community. All of this revolves around a focus on the individual andhis or her relations with society.Phase one of the project would therefore involve identifying these strategies to see howto build an effective partnership among the various stakeholders of social cohesion.Partnership is the only instrument that can guarantee an overall diversified approach.This will allow the partners to meet and exchange best practices to draw up a state-ofthe-art of the most promising approaches.Using the innovative practices identified, the partners will then draw uprecommendations to send to the local stakeholders and prepare a pilot programme. Thiswill include several different strands such as:- Meetings between victims and offenders, facilitated and monitored by the localmediation services.- In the field of social prevention, setting up effective measures to foster the socialreintegration of former offenders.Phase two of the project will facilitate the implementation of this pilot programme inthree cities chosen within the partnership.
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