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Strategies for urban Regions in the Knowledge Economy (STRIKE)

In debates about Europes position in the knowledgeeconomy, the role of cities is rarely mentioned. This is quitesurprising, as the knowledge economy is very much an urbaneconomy. Moreover, generalised discussions about theknowledge economy – useful as they are – hide a verydifferentiated picture: some urban regions do very well,while others stay behind. This working group made anattempt to fill this gap, and put the spotlight on the role ofcities and urban regions in the knowledge economy. Moreover,the group focused on the interrelations between local,regional, national and EU actions to promote the knowledgeeconomy on the urban level. It illustrated current practicesin various countries, and sought to raise discussions aboutimproving the governance of the knowledge economy.The overall aim of the URBACT working group STRIKEis to explore further the potential of cities in stimulatingcompetitiveness and innovation and the impact on the citiesneeds and the transformation in potential. The name STRIKEstands for Strategies for Towns and Regions In the KnowledgeEconomy.The working group started in June 2004 and undertookits work through a series of 4 seminars using externalexpertise to assist with the exchange. This work culminatedin the production of the report Cities as engines of theknowledge society Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.
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